About Us

Aquarium Care New Zealand

Created Out of Passion - Aquariums With The 'WOW' Factor

Aquarium Care New Zealand was born with a dream of bringing the highest quality of aquarium care the country has ever seen to New Zealand. The roots of Aquarium Care New Zealand lie in an absolute passion for fish keeping and aquarium husbandry.

We are driven by the desire to care for beautiful pieces of living artwork – we love what we do. Our owner and highly trained staff have more than 35 years’ combined experience in the aquatic industry, both locally and internationally. They live and breathe everything aquarium related.

Having specialised in freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems for many years, bringing their individual expertise together was key to the success that Aquarium Care New Zealand is today. Our knowledge and expertise stretch far and beyond anything you can imagine, from breeding tropical fish on a commercial scale to maintaining spectacular large scale coral reef and freshwater aquariums for valued clients in New Zealand and around the world.

We apply all that we have learned to ensure that you have the best possible care for your aquarium. For us it’s not only about delivering a thorough, well executed maintenance visit for our clients; it’s about creating experiences that relax, entertain, refresh, and even educate anyone who interacts with the aquarium.